Sunday, July 22, 2012

Paraguay still has M3 Stuart tanks

So, it all started with a post on The Wars of Pooch about a game of Flames of War involving New Zealanders in Italy against Germans. Well, the Kiwis were using three M3 Stuart Light Tanks and as is my want, I ended up on Wikipedia reading about the Stuarts. I already knew about them. Not a lot, but they weren't new to me. That's when I saw something that made me do a double take. Apparently, Paraguay's army still uses Stuarts and M4 Shermans. At first, I thought it was BS, since that bit of info had a [citation needed] tagged on at the end, so I looked up the article about the Paraguayan Army and that's when I facepalmed. They do indeed have twelve Stuarts (of which, only six still work) and three Shermans.

M3 Stuart Light Tank.
Holy crap. I know a lot of third and second world countries rely on older military vehicles, since they can't afford more up-to-date stuff, but Stuarts from World War II? Tanks from World War II? I did some checking and according to Wikipedia, a T-72 tank costs like one or two million dollars and their military budget is about $248 million. Maybe Paraguay can do a fundraiser on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo and raise money to buy tanks that aren't over sixty years old?

God, I hope they don't expect those things to actually hold up against an invasion. Paraguay, guys, be nice to your neighbors! Then again, I just read that they've only ever been in two wars, the last of which was the Chaco War in the 30s, so they should be okay.


  1. Brilliant! I love the idea that of the 12 only 6 actually work, perhaps they are trying to find spares!

  2. They also have reasonably-modern armored cars with 90mm guns. That makes me think they keep the vintage Shermans and Stuarts in operational service as a matter of pride in keeping them, more than for their value as tanks.