Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The War Over Stolen Smoked Meat

Ladies and gentlemen, The Crazy Snake Rebellion.
The Crazy Snake Rebellion, also known as the Smoked Meat Rebellion or Crazy Snake's War, was an incident in 1909 that at times was viewed as a war between the Creek people and American settlers. It should not be confused with an earlier, bloodless, conflict in 1901 involving much of the same people. The conflict consisted of only two minor skirmishes, and the first was actually a struggle between a group of marginalized African Americans and a posse formed to punish the alleged robbery of a piece of smoked meat.
Seriously? That had to have been a damn fine piece of meat in order to instigate an armed conflict. What was it, Holy Bacon? Also, "Smoked Meat Rebellion" is one of the best names for a conflict since the War of Jenkin's Ear in 1739.