Saturday, November 22, 2014

Slight blog tweaking and blogroll submissions

So as anybody who actually reads this thing anymore might have noticed, I've started posting about current events a time or two. Well, I just decided to tweak A Matter of Expedients a little and add coverage and opinion about current military conflicts/events in additional to the all too infrequent posts about history and military history. In other news, I'm also accepting additions to ye ole blogroll, provided they meet the criteria:
  • Wargaming blogs: Historical and alt-history (WWIII and what-if wars) only.
  • Military blogs: Bit if-y about this because they tend to be a little too right-wing for my taste, at least the ones I've seen. I'll be more subjective on this, as I want to weed out any blogs that are racist or Islamophobic. In other words, if you tend to refer to Muslims as "ragheads", "camel jockeys", "sand n---ers", etc. then you're out of luck. Same applies to racist jokes or comments.
  • Military history and regular history: Obviously I want more of these in my blogroll.
If none of that has turned you off and you'd still like to be added, then just leave a message in the comments below. Basically, this is just a lazy way for me to get more blogs, LOL.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The pro-Russian separatists and their T-54

So I was derping around on Wikipedia, reading up on what kind of weapons and equipment the military of the self-proclaimed (and little recognized) Federal State of Novorossiya was using to fight against the Ukrainians. I noticed something interesting under the section about tanks: they've got a T-54. Now that itself isn't noteworthy because a lot of countries had them, thanks to the Soviet Union's foreign policies. What I did find amusing however was that they got the tank from a museum.
They've been erected new barricades on the streets of the city of a million people - and have even nicked a World War II tank from a local war museum.
The armed men arrived at Donetsk museum with heavy lifting gear, winched the Soviet era T-54 tank onto a flat-bed truck and drove it off. Squatting on top of the tank, one of them told a local online journalist: ‘‘We have got an engine to go in it. We have got some experts. We have to add the engine, ease the turret and it will be a working battle tank.’’
Well, necessity is the mother of invention, so I have to tip my hat to their improvisation. I wonder who these experts were and from which side of the border they hailed from? Actually, the separatists have a nice little armor corp, the bulk of which is made up of about 40 or more T-64s (apparently from Crimea after the Russians took over there), some T-72B1s, and a small number of other armored vehicles.