Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Still alive, amazingly enough

Wow, I haven't posted in this blog since...holy shit, December 19, 2014?! Well, the truth is, I had given up the ghost on Matter of Expedients because I just wasn't feeling it anymore. At the same time, I didn't want to delete and I definitely didn't want to merge it with my other blogs (and have to manhandle those tags? No thanks!), so I left it alone. But now, my eye is turning back to MoE. I'm thinking of broadening the scope to include other areas of interest. The urge to write has started to come back as a mighty itch that badly needs to be scratched, so I might include that and any research that goes into it.

Fortunately, my writing interests intersect with this blog. I want to write action-packed stories set during wars and conflicts both real and fictitious. Nothing deep or super serious, just neat bits of daring-do and badassery. The conflicts might not always be of the military variety, as I've developed a keen interest in writing at least one story featuring a one-man war against a criminal empire. With that in mind, expect plenty of pictures of weapons and military vehicles.

I'll still do posts about military history related stuff, so don't worry about that going away.