Friday, December 19, 2014

Clearly, Vladimir Putin is not a Lannister

Ole Vlady cakes played the game of thrones and is losing very badly. The Russian economy is collapsing like a Hollywood marriage due to the declining price of oil - which their economy is heavily invested in - and all those sanctions that have been levied against Russia. The Washington Post points out that the latter probably prevents Russia from getting any kind of emergency bailout or loans from the International Monetary Fund, and the U.S. + EU have both said that the sanctions are staying. Even better, the Russian government is now being forced to bail out the banks because everybody is running out of money and credit! Speaking of the WashPo, I think this picture they have in the first article sums it all up:

Well, shit.
I'd like to think that this is exactly how Putin looks every night when he's at home or in his office, dwelling on this unfolding disaster he's created and the growing ball of apprehension in his gut on how much longer his oligarch supporters are going to maintain that support before they start looking elsewhere for a new man to put in the Kremlin. This could very well lead to the end of the Putin-era of Russia unless someone in his regime pulls off the mother of all Hail Marys and turns everything around.

If I were the anti-Putin opposition, I would launch an all out, balls to the wall, protest against his regime. Think a non-violent Arab Spring or Euromaiden, turned up to 11.


  1. Certainly challenging times if you're the man at the top and those that belief in Khama might be quietly saying I told you so. Even with the situation as it is, you need to be brave man to stand against him!

  2. It's situations like this where he could well throw the dice one last time winner takes all. Would not be the first time escalating military action has saved the one at the top or finished them after a mass loss of life. Is he the man to take that route? I think he could, especially if he can harness the people to his cause